10kW Wind Turbine + 8 Meter Mast + Grid Inverter (40KG+, 1.32M x 0.9M)



Free Energy 10000W Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine High Power Generator 10KW 12V 24V 48V With Charge Controller


1.Low start up speed, 3 blades ,high wind energy utilization

2.Easy installation, tube or flange connection optional

3.Wind Turbine body is fully waterproof design, can adapt to all kinds of bad weather

4.Blades using new art of precision injection molding,matched with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure which enhance the wind energy utilization and annual output.

5.Body of casting aluminum alloy, with 2 bearings swivel , making it survive stronger wind and run more safely

6.Patented permanent magnet ac generator with special stator,effectively reduce torque,well match the wind wheel and generator, and ensure the performance of whole system.

7.Controller,inverter can be matched(optional) accroding to customers’ specific needs

8.This wind turbine has a durable service life of up to 20 years

MPPT Controller

Voltage: DC12V/24V, 48V
Waterproof: IP67
Protection: Battery overvoltage protect,wind-generator current limit,wind-generator brake,speed protection
Indicator: LED
Capability: Mode charge
Unloading way: MPPT electrodeless and noiseless unloading
Working temperature: -35℃ +75℃/85%RH(no condensing)

Hybrid Controller

This is a wind and solar mix and match controller.

It is very suitable for use in household off-grid systems.

OFF Grid Inverter

Out Put:220V DC
Suitable for connecting household appliances

10kW Wind Turbine

  • High efficiency and performance
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • Direct compatibility with energy-generating systems
  • Advanced output waveform for improved quality
  • Enhances the overall efficiency of energy systems
  • Comprehensive safety features including overload, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection
  • Durable design with high-quality components
  • Extensive testing for reliability
  • Long-term warranty and technical support
  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption
  • Flexible and adaptable for various configurations

8 Meter Mast

  • Consider the 8-meter mast paired with a 40-kilogram tower or a 40-kilogram extension pole (where 1 unit equals a 1-meter pole).
  • Simplify the wind generator installation process with the tower system, allowing for a swift setup in just minutes.
  • Maintenance becomes a breeze with the user-friendly folding mechanism—loosen a few screws, fold down the tower, and access is at your fingertips. Elevate your wind generator experience with a vibration damper, minimizing structure-borne noise transmission.
  • Retrofitting is straightforward, as the damper shares dimensions with the 8-meter mast. Insert it between the mast and wind generator, securing it with suitable screws.

Grid Inverter

  • Introducing our advanced On-Grid Tie Inverter tailored for seamless integration with wind turbine generators. Offering various power options, this inverter prioritizes efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in converting renewable energy.
  • Its cost-effectiveness and straightforward installation make it an accessible choice, directly connecting to three-phase wind turbines. Noteworthy for its superior output waveform, it significantly enhances the overall efficiency of your renewable energy system.
  • The inverter incorporates essential protective features, including overload, anti-island, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection. Engineered for reliable and clean energy delivery, this model ensures consistent performance with intelligent safety features. Elevate your renewable energy setup with our On-Grid Tie Inverter, designed to amplify efficiency and provide peace of mind.